Into The Fungal Wastes

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Into The Fungal Wastes: In this stage of the hollow knight, the challenging boss getting in to the fungal wastes through the quick trip through the Fog canon, the challenging boss also reaches there by taking the exit from the Greenpath. At the last stage, the challenging boss reaches the Queen’s station and then unlock this station.

The queen’s station can connects the fog canon with the fungal wastes. Inside the queen station the challenging boss take a rest on the bench. Before reaches here the challenging boss can take the Mantis claw.

After this the challenges boss moving to the right top and enter the fungal wastes. In the fungal wastes, there are new creatures are present there including fungoons, balloons like creatures. Conifer also meet with the challenging boss for giving her the map of the fungal wastes in 75 coins. So, the challenging boss keep moving toward her destination.

Into the Fungal wastes

In this last stage, the challenging boss is sitting on the bench of the queen stagway station, after this the challenging moving to the right side of the queen’s station. Then after taking the exit of the top side reaches the fungal wastes.

When the challenging boss enter into the fungal wastes, a couples of foes attacking toward the challenging boss. The challenging boss can avoid herself from the attack as well as slaying these poison expelling balloon sort of foes.

After slaying of these foes, the challenging boss take the exit to the downward side of the screen. At that spot, the challenging boss hear a buzzing of the conifer. So, that the challenging boss moving in downward direction and then take the first left where the challenging boss finding the Conifer into a bay.

As throughout the gameplay, the conifer meet with the challenging boss only that time when the challenging boss wanted a map of the area of hollow knight, so at that time the challenging boss getting a map from the conifer by giving her 75 coins, then sitting on the near bench to updating the map of the fungal wastes.

After the getting as well as updating the map the challenging moving back to the previous areas and then move to the right side of the arena.

Continuing moving to the right side then take the exit, after taking the exit, move in upward direction through the rotating machine at that time avoiding herself from the hazardous berries when the challenging boss moving in upward directions.

When the challenging boss moving on these pathways many of the pathways are blocked due to ruin. So, the challenging boss take the exit which is easily available to her and keep moving on the right side of the arena. So after slaying and circumnavigate the new shrieking mushroom foes.

These are the fungal creatures. After that the challenging boss moving in upward direction and then reaches to the top of the platform, moving to the left side, back into the previous area when the challenging boss take the left top exit.

Where the challenging boss finds a gate which is locked by cutting down the lever to unlocked that gate, after cutting down the gate the challenging jumping in upward direction through the top exit and then enter to the assemblage arena where she finds the Shrumal Ogre miniboss.

The Shrumal ogre miniboss are the huge fungal creature also the foe in the hollow knight. This huge fungal beastly creature wearing a bulletproof cap on it. The Shrumal ogre miniboss use the sort of attack which is Goo spit,  in this attack the Shrumal can throwing the orange goo these are stayed on the ground for few seconds.

So, when the challenging boss seeing the Shrumal ogre miniboss the fight between the challenging boss and Shrumal ogre miniboss are started. At the beginning of the fight, the Shrumal throwing an ogre towards the challenging boss can be allure in this ogre.

So, the challenging boss keep avoiding of this orange ogre and then cut down the foe for a minute or releasing the crossfire of the vengeful spirit (this can be uses if the shaman stone can be purchased by the charm lover salubra) toward the Shrumal ogre miniboss which release this ogre, after dispatching this one ogre focus towards the another ogre.

Actually the Shrumal ogre miniboss releasing the two ogres so that the challenging boss destroying these ogres one by one. Also kept one thing in mind that if the challenging boss stay close to the ogres for a longer time period, then the challenging boss also take the initiate quick repeated the head-butt attack, so then initiated the hit and run technique for easily work for the miniboss.

After destroying these two orange Shrumal ogres, a charm notch falling from the upper side then the challenging boss take this charm notch and then increases the charm slot by 1. In this way, the Shrumal ogre miniboss are killed by the challenging boss.

After this the challenging boss moving to the right side and then moving in upward direction at that time take a right side exit, so at that area the challenging boss meets with Leg eater.

Leg eater is a hermit exporter in the hollow knight. He can take the geo from other persons to repairs as well as selling the fragile charms. He is found in the destroyed accommodate in the fungal wastes near the entrance of the forgotten crossroad.

When the challenging boss meet with the leg eater, the leg eater demands of the few coins for saying that he will show something nice to the challenging boss. So, when the challenging boss fulfill his demands then the challenging boss gain access towards the useful charm traveler. Leg eater can sells three sort of charms, but all are very powerful in use.

First one is Fragile heart, the fragile heart helps to increases the health of the challenging boss which is in form of masks, this charm can increases the two masks of the lifeline. Second one is Fragile Greed, the fragile greed can increases the amount of coins which the challenging boss collected from all of the sources.

Third one is Fragile Strength, the fragile strength is uses to increases the damage dicker, by using this charm the challenging boss recover as soon as possible. If the challenging boss purchase these fragile charm then these are helping throughout the gameplay,

but when the challenging boss lifelines are vanished these fragile break down and no more helping the challenging boss, also helping the challenging boss if she alive.

But the leg eater can repair these charms as well in a very low price, so that these charm can be upgraded when the challenging boss again on the pathway.

Deeper into the wastes

After the purchasing of these charms from the leg eater then the challenging boss move backward and then moving to the bottom of the pathway and then keep moving on the right side.

The challenging boss keep moving on until she reach to the vertical side of the rotating machine which is at the end of the path, where the challenging boss reaches the acid-filled area,

the challenging boss crossing the acid filled area through hopping up, and then the challenging boss reach in the bottom then moving to the left and enter into the next area where the challenging boss meet with her friend name as Cloth.

hollow-knights-into-the-fungal-wastes-5The cloth is a ramble in the hollow knight, she is on a chase of her own throughout the hollow knight to prove her sharpness. The cloth is large cicada ally, also killing many of the creatures like the challenging boss. Cloth’s fight by exposing a club cut from tooth of an ancient beast. She hop up before landing her club, cutting down her opponent through her bits.

Cloth having a number of encounter, firstly encounter in the fungal wastes, then the cloth encounter with the ancient basin, also encounter at the entrance of the Queen’s garden near the fog canon. When the challenging meet with her, the cloth said that “you act so confident in battle.

You show no fear before your foes. I’ll try my best to do the same.” After meeting with the cloth the challenging boss keep on moving and enter into the next area, in this area there is a purple fungus, the challenging boss uses this area a bouncing platform.

The challenging boss uses the her technique of attacking through her needle, cutting down some part of this area and then moving in downward direction when the challenging boss land on the bottom surface the to gain an extra hike of the jumping height and then clear the abyss of an acid.

After this moving in downward direction until the challenging boss reaches to the bottom area and then the challenging boss seeing  the hornet which is moving from left side to the right side of the surface, but at the spot the challenging boss does not have an important items to follow her.

So, the challenging moving to the left side of the arena and continuously moving in downward direction into the below area. As by again moving in downward direction and enter into the vertical area, the challenging boss take the first exit by hop up through her needle.

Then, the challenging boss through together the bundle of purple fungus. After this the challenging boss follow the doorway, keep moving on until the challenging boss reaches near the lever, by pushing this lever unlock the shortcut which is back to the queen’s station stagway as well as bench.

After the unlocking of the area the Mantis territory, begins which is returns to the previous chamber and then moving into the downward direction. Once the challenging boss reaches at the bottom moving to the right side. Now at this point, the challenging boss begins to fight with mantis enemy type.


In this stage of the hollow knight, the challenging boss having fight with their enemies as well as meet with friend. In the fungal wastes, the harmful etched filled with spores.

The inhabitant of the fungal wastes are physically mushroom like. These mushroom like enemies can ejected the poison on their foes, these inhabitant can take the authority of the mantis village to the south, as well as to the main entrance to the city of tears of east.

In this stage the characters which helping the challenging boss are bretta, cloth, conifer, leg eater, but on the other hand the enemies are ambloom, fungling, fungoon, Shrumal ogre, Shrumal worriers.

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