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False Knight: In this stage, the challenging boss is fighting with the False Knight, he is one the foe that having the ability to be control or influence other people as well as things. False knight is included in the main bosses of the hollow knight in the whole game.

Inside the false knight, he keeps the city crust which is necessary for the opening of the gate of the City of tears. In this gameplay, the challenging boss meet with five knights one of them is false knight. The false knight wearing a protective covering which is made of the metal.

Fighting with the False knight

After the forgotten crossroads, the challenging boss is entering on  the boss arena, firstly she slaying the creatures having the lacking of the power to perform physically, once these creatures are vanished,

the challenging boss keep on moving on the left side of the ground of battle, when she moving, suddenly the False knight fall vertically from the upper interior surface and then the fight between the challenging boss and the false knight is begins.

The false knight having an amazing techniques of attacking these techniques are his strength. Due to the false knight ability the  player got confuse while playing. The false knight is compared with the Lord Traitor.

The lord traitor blocks the path of the white lady in the Queen’s garden. He is also one of the main bosses in the hollow knight. This stage of fighting can teach the player that how to deal with the main bosses of the hollow knight as well as how to compete with them.

So, at the beginning the false knight is staying in to the air, then quickly fall vertically with their sharp weapon. His weapon name is Mace, A mace is a blunt weapon, this weapon delivers a powerful strikes toward the other person.

After the strikes which is transferring by the false knight with their weapon, he can be standing still for a few seconds, So at this point, the challenging boss take a sudden quick movement and couple of attacks towards the false knight.

Next attack by the false knight is Slam attack, when the false knight uses this attack, due to this attack produces the shockwaves, which increase the pressure as well as temperature, then the floor of the ground of battle break at certain parts.

These shockwaves travel on the left side as well as on the right side of the ground. So, at that point, the challenging boss wait a right moment and at the spot refills her damage. So, after few seconds, the shockwaves are stopping, then it’s a right time for the challenging boss,

So she hop up and attacks towards the false knight. When attacking on false knight the challenging quickly move in backward direction. If sometimes, the challenging boss is come closer to the false knight for a long period of time, then at that time the challenging boss prepare physically herself and waiting for the stop of bustle,

Always keep in mind to keep the interval in between the attacks. When the false knight attack trying to jump or moving here and there. After this the challenging boss attacking toward the false knight again and again. So, after these enough attacks towards the false knight.

The false knight lay down on the floor of  the ground of battle. The challenging boss bang the false knight more than two times and then lay hold of his helmet with her one’s hand.

At this time, the challenging boss having an astonishing chance to attack on the false knight because at that  the false knight is insensible. So, the challenging boss easily attacking on him before he gets up.

After the few minutes, the false knight became sensible and showing his anger, then again uses his slam attack and this time false knight hitting the ground more forcefully so there is beginning of fire rain from the ceiling is started.

But this fire rain does not effects on the battle, but at that time the challenging trying to avoid herself from this fir rain and also maintain a space from the fire rain.

Then, the challenging boss attack whenever getting a chance. After the false knight have had enough attack the false knight jumping again, due to his forcefully jumping the floor of the ground break down into pieces and the false knight fallen down on the bottom of the floor of the surface and then expired.

At that time the challenging boss moves carefully, when moving in downward direction until reach near the dead body of the false knight.

Then, the challenging boss slash the dead body of false knight and claim the City Crust inside the body of the false knight as a reward. So, in this way the False knight killed by the challenging boss.


As in many fights of the hollow knight and all other games like this game, the forbearance is a way of defeat. Wait for the right moment as well as wait for a good opportunity,

attacking towards the foe bravely and carefully but one of the important thing is to keep sure herself safety first. To following these strategies the false knight which is powerful are killed by the challenging.

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