Broken Vessel

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Broken Vessel:

In this stage of hollow knight, the challenging boss enter into an area where she finds a broken vessel. The broken vessel is one of the main boss in the hollow knight. In the left side area of ancient basin the broken vessel is inhabited nearby the toll bench.

So, now when the challenging boss entering in this room, she saw a peel of broken vessel, which is moving toward the wall, then the gate is closed at that moment. At that time the life seeds fills the dead body. In this way, the broken vessel become lives again.

Playing with the Broken vessel

When the broken vessel lives again, so that the fight between the broken vessel and the challenging boss initiated. Before fighting with broken vessel the challenging boss having the charms like quick focus, soul eater, grub song, thorns of agony, unbreakable strength, unbreakable heart, weaver song, long nail, steady body, mark of pride and stalwart shell.

All of these are necessary for the challenging boss safety. Now a fight begins, the broken vessel is a fast moving boss which can easily uses different sort of physical as well as magical attack toward the prey, also releasing a fire balls all over the ground.

The broken vessels constantly attacking toward the challenging boss. The boss also damaged due to his attacks, so by using charms the boss recover herself quickly and also attacking toward the broken vessel from time to time.

During this fight the boss allow quick heal charm, which is good for recovering in this fight. The challenging boss using the companion charm like a weaver song and the grimchild when the broken vessel using the area attack then these charm helps the challenging boss to recover herself from any sort of harm. So, in this way the challenging cannot come in any kind of difficulty.

 Attacks of broken vessel

The first attack of broken vessel is the standard dash attack, during this attack the broken vessel almost cover 2/3 area of ground of battle.

At this time the challenging can also attacks toward the broken vessel, when the broken vessel is stay on the ground or in the midair the boss also attacking, but the boss should be avoided from the fire balls releasing by the broken vessel,

When the broken vessel complete his first attack then the challenging boss attack through their nail as well as cast the spell toward the broken vessel.

The second attack use by the broken vessel is that he is staying into the air and suddenly slashing in downward direction.

Once this slash striking with the ground then four orange huge orbs is produced and start moving in downward direction then in backward direction, scattered here and there at last these are moving in upward direction into the air and become vanished.

The challenging boss compete with this attack by standing side of the ground as well as jumping but all  the time avoiding herself from the orbs.

When the boss getting an opportunity attacks toward the broken vessel, but keep the distance from this foe then cast a vengeful spirit towards the broken vessel and then wait for the next attack.

Throughout the fight when the broken vessel complete his attack then quickly soul passing in the body of the broken vessel and then in this way he recovers his body harms.

Third and last attack by the broken vessel is that the broken vessel stay in any point of the ground then expelling the orange orbs from time to time.

These orbs firstly traveling in downward direction and then passing close to the challenging boss before rising at last scattered into the air. At that the challenging boss must be create a distance from the broken vessel as possible.

If the challenging boss can create a good distance at that time then it is time for challenging boss to recover herself from damage by using the quick focus charm. So that the broken vessel uses three attack tactics,

but the challenging boss defeat all of these attack and at the end the broken vessel is killing by the challenging boss. The challenging boss throughout the fight recover herself from the damage.


In this stage the challenging boss fight with the powerful as well as main boss of the hollow knight which is broken vessel. The broken vessel is the seventh as well as the last boss which revealed through the kickstarter campaign under the name of infected knight.

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